Fellas of Silent Cinema

African American Actors of the Silent Film Era

Abrams, Edward
Alexander, Chester A.
Allen, Charles
Bates, Leo
Bates, Lester
Beard, Matthew (a/k/a Stymie)
Bishop, Andrew
Brooks, Clarence
Broomfield, Leroy (a/k/a Sugarfoot)
Brown, George Edward
Brown, R. L., Dr.
Burris, Jim
Burrough, James
Catlin, George
Chenault, Jack
Chenault, Lawrence
Collins, Claude
Connor, Edgar
Cook, Jimmie
Cornick, Walter
Criner, J. Laurence
Crowell, William B. F.
Curry, Nathan
Cutler, Marty
De Bulger, Louis
Dean, Louis
DeComathiere, A. B.
DeLavalade, Herman
Dones, Sidney P.
Duncan, Vernon S.
Duree, Robert
Easton, Sidney
Edwards, Grant
Farmer, Jacques
Fountaine, William E.
Fraction, Edward
Gray, Harry
Green, Joe
Griffin, Alex
Hawley, Monte
Haynes, Daniel L.
Henderson, Harry
Hereford, Leon
Hoskins, Allen (a/k/a Farina)
Ingram, Clifford
Ingram, Rex
Jacks, Samuel (a/k/a Sambo)
Jackson, Eugene
Jackson, Freddie
Jenkins, John Wesley
Johnson, Jack
Johnson, John Lester
Johnson, Max
Johnson, Noble
Johnstone, Norman
Jones, Matthew
King, Webb
Langford, Sam
Lee, Ford Washington (a/k/a Buck)
Lew, Meehan
Lovejoy, Alec
Low, James B.
Lucas, Charles D.
Marshall, Jimmy
McClane, Lorenzo
Miller, Flournoy Eakim
Monagas, Lionel
Moore, Charles R.
Morrison, Ernest (a/k/a Sunshine Sammy)
Murphy, Bert
Muse, Clarence
Nelson, Howard
Norcom, Alfred
Olden, Charles
Perry, Lincoln (a/k/a Stepin Fechit)
Pettus, William E.
Pickett. Bill
Pollard, Frank
Ray, Arthur
Reed, George
Reynolds, Steve
Richardson, Walter
Robeson, Paul
Robinson, Bill (a/k/a Bojangles)
Robinson, Sam
Rodgers, Marshall
Ruffin, James D.
Scheffield, Maceo Bruce
Schooler, Lewis/Louis
Simpson, Walter
Smith, William
Starks, Will
Stewart, Dink
Tatum, E.G.
Tatum, Rudolph
Thomas, Reed
Thompson, Edward
Thompson, Walker
Toones, Fred (a/k/a Snowflake)
Tracey, Harry
Tucker, Lorenzo (a/k/a Black Valentino)
Tutt, J. Homer
Verwayen, Percy
Walter, Brogsdale
Washington, Blue
Washington, Isaiah
Whipper, Leigh
Whitney, Salem Tutt
Williams, George
Williams, Spencer
Williams, Virgil
Williams, Zack
Wilson, Frank L.
Woods, Trevy

Photo Sources:  African American Registry; Rotten Tomatoes; IMDB; 1843 Magazine; Wikipedia; Wikimedia Commons; Completely Kentucky.

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