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Release Date:  2/4/20; Blu-Ray (Original Theatrical Release Date:  9/13/95)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  R
Director:  Spike Lee
Studio(s):   Universal Pictures, 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks
Running Time:  128 mins.

Cast:  Delroy Lindo (Rodney Little), Mekhi Phifer (Ronald ‘Strike’ Dunham), Isaiah Washington (Victor Dunham), Harvey Keitel (Detective Rocco Klein), John Turturro (Detective Larry Mazilli), Keith David (André the Giant), Peewee Love (Tyrone ‘Shorty’ Jeeter), Regina Taylor (Iris Jeeter), Thomas Jefferson Byrd (Errol Barnes), Sticky Fingaz (Scientific), Fredro Starr (Go), Elvis Nolasco (Horace), Tom Byrd (Errol Barnes), Lawrence B. Adisa (Stan), Hassan Johnson (Skills), Frances Foster (Gloria), Michael Imperioli (Detective Jo-Jo), Mike Starr (Thumper), Lisa Arrindell Anderson (Sharon Dunham), Paul Calderón (Jesus), Brendan Kelly (Big Chief), Graham Brown (Herman Brown), Steve White (Darryl Adams), Spike Lee (Chucky), Harry Lennix (Bill Walker).

Story:  Classic crime-drama based on a book by Richard Price. A “clocker” is a 24-hour drug dealer, and Strike (Mekhi Phifer) is the hardest-working one on the streets.  But for Strike, time is running out. When the local drug kingpin tips Strike off about an opportunity for advancement, a rival dealer ends up dead, and Strike suddenly finds himself caught between two homicide detectives. One is Mazilli (John Turturro), who’s only looking for an easy bust. The other is Rocco (Harvey Keitel), who’s looking for something much harder to find—the truth—and when Strike’s law-abiding brother confesses to the murder, Rocco vows not to rest until he’s sure the real shooter is behind bars.  Source:  IMDB, Amazon.


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