Release Date:  3/14/20; BET & BET Her
Genre:  Drama/Romance
Rating:  NR
Director(s):  Cas Sigers-Beedles
Studio(s):  Nina Holiday Entertainment
Running Time:   87 mins.

Cast:  Essence Atkins (Wren), Keith Robinson (Cameron), Matt Cedeño (Mars), Kerri J. Baldwin (Tea Cup), Franceli Chapman (Viv), Imani Duckett (Luna), Marquita Goings (Courtney), Jason Graham (Ed), Chantal Maurice (Kendall), Roxzane T. Mims (Ruth), Margaret Morris (Paula), Ernestine J. Morrison (Zoey) and Jasmine Guy.

Story:  Open is a romantic drama that showcases the alternative perspective of open relationships.  As a child of divorce and a woman noticing the infidelities in the world, main character Wren (Essence Atkins) decides to ask her husband Cameron (Keith Robinson) for an open marriage, after eight years, to avoid the pain of him cheating behind her back. Navigating the struggles of her bakery business, social life and marriage, Wren finally thinks she has it all figured out until she reconnects with a childhood friend.  Looking through the lens of polygamy, Open teaches viewers the full scope of these oftentimes taboo relationships.   Source:  IMDB; Blackfilm.


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