Son Of The South

Release Date:   2/5/21; VOD (Original Release – 8/26/20; American Black Film Festival)
Genre:  Biography/Drama
Rating:   Pg-13
Director:  Barry Alexander Brown
Studio(s):  Buffalo 8 Productions, El Ride Productions, Lucidity Entertainment, Major Motion Pictures, River Bend Pictures, SSS Film Capital, Clear Horizon.
Running Time:  105 mins.

Cast:  Lucas Till as Bob Zellner, Lucy Hale as Carol Anne, Lex Scott Davis as Joanne, Julia Ormond as Virginia Durr, Cedric the Entertainer as Ralph Abernathy, Sharonne Lainer as Rosa Parks, Brian Dennehy as Grandfather, Chaka Forman as Jim Forman, Mike C. Manning as Townsend Ellis, Shamier Anderson as Reggie, Ludi Lin as Derek Ang, Dexter Darden as John Lewis, Matt William Knowles as Jim Zwerg, Byron Herlong as James Zellner, Onye Eme-Akwari as Charles McDew.

Story:  Based on Bob Zellner’s autobiography The Wrong Side of Murder Creek, the film follows the true-life story of Zellner, an Alabama native and grandson of a Birmingham Klansman who is pulled into the center of the civil rights movement. The spring and summer of 1961 challenged the 22-year old to rethink his beliefs as he witnessed the heroism of John Lewis during the Montgomery Freedom Riders riot in May of that year.  Spike Lee is the executive producer.  Source(s):  Black Film; The Wektumpka Herald.


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