Hearts Of The Woods

Year of Release:  1921
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  N/A
Director:  Roy Calnek
Studio:  Superior Arts Productions
Black & White

Cast:  Anna Lou Allen, Clifford Harris, Laurence McGuire, Don Pierson

Details:  A married man tricks a naïve young girl into a false marriage and then is denounced by his real wife.

According to a review in an African-American newspaper, this film is about “the life of our people in the woods and around saw mills.”  The ending is happy.

Notes:  Long lost, Hearts of the Woods was released by the Superior Arts Motion Picture Company, a Philadelphia-based company that also produced Smiling Hate (1924).

Various sources list the director as Roy Calnek and R. E. Carlile. Chicago Defender reviewer D. Ireland Thomas wrote concerning the film, “This is according to my idea the poorest Race production ever made except A Child in Pawn.”

Source(s):  All Movie; TCM.

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