Sweet Mahogany

Release Date: 4/14/20; DVD (Original Release – 2018)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Karlton T. Clay
Studio(s):  Victory Productions, L.L.C., YouTube, Maverick Entertainment
Running Time:  86 mins.
Cast:  Jessica Lark, Kineh N’Gaojia, Keshia R. Jones, Ronza Bee
Story:  Mahogany Andrews finds herself in what appears to be an unconventional relationship with Khalil Pearson and his wife, Cassie. While they are working through the complications of being a “trouple”, they also have to endure the questions from their children and the judgments from outside forces which include family and friends while trying to maintain the family unity inside their own home. Source: Maverick Entertainment.



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