Why She Cries

Why She CriesRelease Date:  6/16/15
Genre:  Drama/Inspirational
Rating:  NR
Running Time: 83 mins.
Studio:  Maverick Entertainment Group
Director: Tony White
Cast:  Miguel Nunez, James Black, Amanda Garrett, Whitney Hicks, Daria Lester.

Story:  Sisters are trying to patch up their relationship whilst one is keeping a dark secret from the other. Soon they find out that secrets amongst the average and the affluent are truly not that different, after crossing paths with a wealthy woman dealing with an illness that has caused her husband to be resentful and ashamed of her. Will fate cause them to face the revelation of past hurts and start a journey of forgiveness and healing? Source: Maverick Entertainment.



At All Cost

At All Cost

Release Date:  5/12/15
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Unrated
Running Time: 92 mins.
Studio: Maverick Entertainment Group
Director:  Frank White
Cast: Frank White, Terrance “T” White, Franchesca Solange, Kim White, Marianna Wright, Kirk White, James Bradshaw, Rushsaun Wilkinson.

Story:  Frank White, a car salesman from Amarillo, Texas is convinced by his friend T-White to move to Houston and jump into the music industry. Once Frank decides that he will move he is confronted with a couple of obstacles making it hard for him to leave. His brother, BJ helps him get a job in real estate so he can finance his dream of becoming a successful recording artist. Then Frank meets Kesha, a gorgeous realtor who wants to help out, while his girlfriend has other plans. Source: Maverick Entertainment.



SubspiralRelease Date:  3/17/15 (DVD); 5/2/13 (Video premiere)
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  88 mins.
Studio(s:  Maverick Entertainment Group, Push to Win productions
Director:  Alton Claude

Cast:  Marvin Baldwin, Jr. (Andre), Donnette Nicholson (Mom), DJ Ron Viper (Six), Marquen Green (Tru), Antrice Wynn (Nadine).

Story:  Subspiral is a dark and gritty urban tale of a young man who tries to avoid following the path of his wayward older brother. Tru Hawkins has always looked to his big brother, Six, for guidance. Unfortunately, the blind cannot lead the blind. Seeking a better life for his two children, Tru lands a 9 to 5 where he meets the temptress Nadine.

Things rapidly spiral out of control as Nadine brings Tru into the very life he hoped to avoid. The actions taken by Tru does not only affect himself but also those within his circle. Can Tru escape the force within the spiral that seeks to pull him down? Or can he muster the strength to overcome the Subspiral? Sources: Maverick Entertainment; Official site – Subspiralmovie.com.


Let’s Shake On It

Let's Shake On ItRelease Date 3/10/15 (DVD)
Genre:  Romance/Comedy
Rating:  NR
Running Time: 112 mins.
Studio:  Maverick Entertainment
Director: Cornell Ford

Cast: Shaquita Blanks (Selene), William Anderson (Louis), Jarrett Glover (Brian) Tia Pratcher (Trina), Brad Tate (Tim), Tekeya Clark (NuNu), Darnell Gordon (Devon) Brandi Buie (Christi).

Story:  A simple dinner date turns into a fun loving challenge when Brian (Jarrett Glover) insists he can prepare a better meal then what he was served at a restaurant. His girlfriend Trina (Tia Pratcher) is sure he’ll fail especially since he has a reputation for burning food but will reward him if the meal is quality by treating him to an annual music festival. He plans to use his grandmother’s secret recipes to win but is faced with an unforeseen obstacle trying to obtain it. The judges are their friends, two of which were a loving couple until a chain of events led them to break up 2 years earlier. They finally reunite the day of the dinner challenge still struggling to fix their estranged relationship but find common ground after judging the competition. Source: Maverick Entertainment.


Imprisoned by Love

Imprisoned by LoveRelease Date 2/24/15 (DVD)
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:  NR
Running Time: 112 mins.
Studio:  Maverick Entertainment Group
Director:  Michael Angelo
Cast:  Reece Odum (Tracie), Marvin Baldwin, Jr. (Gerald), Regina Charles (Kim), Leah Monet Johnson (Brittany), Jaylin Simone (Jordan), Joyce White (Contessa Maxwell).

Story: Tracie, a devoted wife and mother, lives every day in fear at the hands of her abusive drunk husband Gerald. She does everything in her power to make a lifeless marriage work for the sake of her two loving children Jordan and Brittany. In the process, she almost loses everything. She feels trapped and alone in an abusive marriage that is spiraling into a bottomless abyss. Her friends and family serve as the voices of reason, but will the situation ever change or will Tracie continue to take the abuse and blame. Source: Maverick Entertainment.


Legend of Black Annie, The

Black AnnieRelease Date:  2/10/15 (DVD)
Genre: Thriller
Rating:  NR
Running Time: 86 mins.
Studio: Cormarant Films, Mercury Rising Films, Maverick Entertainment Group
Directors: Terrence Flack, Shane Woodson

Cast: Tom Luce (Charles Warren, Sr.), Terrance Flack (Dr. Faulk), Shane Woodson (Holton Bundy), Arthur Richardson (Joe Willis).

Story: The Legend of Black Annie is a film loosely based on an urban legend. It starts in the late 1960s and ends in 2012. When a group of mischievous boys accidentally kill a young girl, her mother, who is versed in the art of voodoo, enacts revenge upon them and anyone involved in the cover-up. Local college professor Cornelius Faulk investigates the urban legend in an attempt to uncover the truth. Source:  Maverick Entertainment.


The Good Life

The Good LifeRelease Date:  11/18/14 (DVD)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  Unknown
Running Time: 125 mins.
Studio:  Redd Bone Productions; Maverick Entertainment Group
Directors:  Owen McManus, Jr. 
Cast:  Robert McGill, Jr. (Mikey), Janell Flugence (Alicia), Selam Workeneh (Sasha), James Mastio, Drew Benson, Jonathan Sorapuru (Kevin).

Details:  Women, money, power, greed, drugs, passion, desire, love, wealth, secrets, seduction…family, tragedy…choices. Protagonist Mikey searches for the alluring good life in an underworld where antagonist Fabian holds all power. Younger brother, Kevin, wants in, against Mikey’s will. Forced to choose between family and the good life, what will Mikey choose?  Source: Maverick Entertainment.