The Young And The Ratchet

Release Date:  9/14/21; Tubi
Genre:   Comedy
Rating:  NR
Directors:  Nigel Gabbidon, Devin S. Jones
Studio(s):  Ritemind Productions, Maverick Entertainment Group
Running Time:  95 mins.

Cast:  Becky Babatunde, James Coley, Matthew Boykin-Derrill, Chyne Okonkwo, Malachi Elias, Trevor Roberts

Story:  But what if it’s all a lie? The lessons they teach, the rules you learned, the people you thought you knew? There is no “Heartbreak 101” or Graduate-level Backstabbing courses on the syllabus. Nothing covered in a classroom course can prepare a young adult for the harsh realities of the real world.

Sources:  IMDB; Maverick Entertainment.


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