The Burden of Race

Year of Release:  1921
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  N/A
Runtime:  Unknown
Black & White
Studio:  Reol Productions
Producer:  Robert Lévy
Director:  Unknown
Studio: Reol Productions

Percy Verwayen
Edna Morton
Lawrence Chenault
Elizabeth Williams
Mabel Young
Arthur Ray


A young college student who excels both academically and athletically falls in love with a girl – not of his own people – and for her he risked his life.  After graduation, he becomes extremely successful in the world of business, finding in this girl a constant source of inspiration.  She loved him, but – according to the film’s press book – “between them stretched a mighty chasm.”  Did a great love triumph?

This film is considered lost.

Source(s):  TCM, Allmovies, Department of Afro American Research and Culture, Photo Source: Department of Afro American Research and Culture.

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