Giant Of His Race, A

Year of Release:  1921
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  N/A
Runtime:   mins.
Black & White
Studio: North State Film Corporation, Norman Film Manufacturing Co.
Director:  Ben Strasser

Mabel Holmes, Walter Holeby, Walter Long, Ruth Freeman 

Covington, the son of a slave, works his way through medical school, and upon graduating, devotes his life to uplifting his race.  When the yellow plague begins decimating the members of the black community where he has established a thriving practice, Covington spends hours in his laboratory trying to find a cure.  Finally, when a young teacher offers herself as a subject for his experiments, he finds the cure and is awarded $100,000 for his discovery.  Having saved his race from the epidemic, Covington and the teacher fall in love and marry.

This film is considered lost.


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