False Advertisement

Release Date:   8/21/20 – 8/30/20; American Black Film Festival (Virtual)
Genre:  Romantic Comedy
Rating:  NR
Director:  Larick Mathews
Studio(s):  January One, Leo Waters
Running Time:  81 mins.

Cast:  Mike Merrill, Shuntel Renay, Davien Harliss, Michael Anthony, Ryan Ashley, Dutchess of Ink, Benzino, Quentin Harris, Curtis Washington, Dominique Danielle, Shauna Brooks.

Story:  Dylan Foster is a successful businessman who has his life all figured out until a series of events transpires in a matter of days causing Dylan’s life to change in this romantic – drama – comedy in a space where perception potentially drives reality in a world full of “False Advertisements”.  Source(s):  abff.com/2020; IMDB.

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