Givers Of Death

Release Date:  8/21/20 – 8/30/20; American Black Film Festival (Virtual)
Genre:  Sci-Fi
Rating:  NR
Director:  Addison Henderson
Studio(s):  Night Owl Republic Films, The Lagralane Group, Buffalo FilmWorks.
Running Time:  97 mins.
Cast:  Louis Lombardi, J.J. Alfieri, Josie DiVincenzo, Addison Henderson.

Story:  Givers of Death (G.O.D.) is an apocalyptic tale of a hitman, a detective, and an entire city of people all seeking peace. The man seeks peace through atonement, the detective through revenge and the city through resolution. The film explores whether peace can be attained when one exists in constant chaos – be it in reality, or in the mind.  Source(s):; IMDB.