Release Date:  8/21/20 – 8/30/20;
American Black Film Festival (Virtual)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Josh Kidd
Studio(s):  Calm pictures, FineLight Films, Project Bootleg.
Running Time:  84 mins.
Cast:  Josh Kidd, Maria Mercedes Galuppo, Freddie Connor, Astante James.

Story:  British musician (Nathan) is forced to leave New York due to his visa expiration. In his final days, he meets and falls in love with Vanessa, who has just entered the U.S. and is trafficking drugs in hopes of giving her family in Venezuela a better life.  Afraid of being caught for illicit trade, she decides to flee from the cartel. As the two immigrants yearn to love freely, they are threatened with their lives and met with chaos at every point.  Nathan and Vanessa strive to escape a formidable sequence of events involving drug smuggling, deportation, and organized trafficking in New York.  Source(s):; IMDB.


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