The House Next Door

a/k/a Meet The Blacks 2

Status:  Post-Production/Awaiting Release
Genre:   Comedy Horror
Rating:  TBD
Director:  Deon Taylor
Studio(s):  Hidden Empire Film Group, Naptown Productions
Running Time:  TBD

Cast:  Mike Epps as Carl Black; Katt Williams as Dr. Mamuwalde; Lil Duval as Cronut; Bresha Webb as Allie Black; Zulay Henao as Lorena Black; Gary Owen as Clive; Michael Blackson as Mr. Wooky; Tyrin Turner as Rico; Danny Trejo as Hugo; King Bach as Freezee; Snoop Dogg as Snoop Dogg; Rick Ross as Mr. Saturday Night; Alex Henderson as Carl Jr.; Haha Davis as Officer Friendly, Zooman Miller as Monty; Jena Frumes as Clive’s Hot Wife.

Story:  After surviving a night of terror and becoming a best-selling author, stressed-out Carl Black moves his family back to his childhood home where he hopes to work in peace and quiet on a new book that he owes his publisher. Carl soon learns his quirky neighborhood has become the host to a mysteriously extravagant pimp.  Source:  Official site,;