12 Days of Christmas – Day 6: A Dream For Christmas

Release Date:  12/24/73; ABC
Genre:   Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:   Ralph Senensky
Studio(s):  Lorimar Productions, American Broadcasting Company (ABC); Viacom; Warner Home Video.
Running Time:  100 mins.

Cast:  Hari Rhodes (Rev. Will Douglas), Beah Richards (Grandma Bessie), Lynn Hamilton (Sarah Douglas), George Spell (Joey Douglas), Juanita Moore (Fannie Mitchell), Joel Fluellen (Arthur Rogers), Marlon Adams (Bradley Douglas), Robert Do ‘Qui (George Briggs), Ta Ronce Allen (Emmarine Douglas), Clarence Muse (Donald Freeland), Maidie Norman (Jennie Daley) Zara Cully (Beth Rogers).

Story:  An African-American minister, the Rev. Will Douglas (Hari Rhodes), and his large family relocate from their Arkansas home to Los Angeles in the 1950s. Douglas has been hired to lead the congregation of a neighborhood church. But, when the family finally arrives, they discover that the church is in major disrepair and scheduled for demolition. Douglas; his wife, Sarah (Lynn Hamilton) ; Grandma (Beah Richards) ; and the children must come together as various hardships rock their household.

A Dream for Christmas originally aired on December 24, 1973. It was originally designed as the pilot for a never-sold TV series titled The Douglas Family.  Source(s):  Rotten Tomatoes; madefortvmayhem.blogspot.com; Reelblack.


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