Release Date:  2/7/21; TBD
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Coke Daniels
Studio(s):  Aloe Entertainment, BondIt Media Capital, Burke Management Flixville USA
Running Time:  Unknown

Cast:  Taryn Manning (Karen), Corey Hardrict (Malik), Roger Dorman (Officer Mike Wind).

Story:  Taryn Manning will portray a fictional Karen in an upcoming suspense thriller about the infamous stereotype. In recent years, the name “Karen” has been popularly used to describe entitled, middle aged white women complaining at restaurants or retail establishments, often asking to “speak to the manager.” It has since been frequently used to refer to women calling the police on their Black neighbors for arbitrary reasons, a trend that often leads to the women suffering from public shaming and losing their jobs. The name has also been used for countless memes and social media posts. 

Manning, who is producing the indie, will play Karen White, a woman who believes that races should stick to their “own kind” and carries this belief into her neighborhood. Corey Hardrict will star as Malik, a community and Black Lives Matter activist in Atlanta dedicated to his wife and fighting social injustices. When Malik and his wife, Assata, become Karen’s new neighbors, she makes it her personal mission to remove them from the neighborhood, by any means necessary. However, Assata and Malik don’t have time for this and aren’t going down without a fight.  Sources:  Deadline; Movieweb; IMDB.