Paper Gods

Status:  Optioned

Genre:  Drama

Director:  TBA

Cast:  Nia Long (Victoria Dobbs)

Story:  Paper Gods spotlights the struggles and battles professionally and personally for Atlanta Mayor Victoria Dobb, who will be portrayed by Nia Long in the series. The third novel by ex-political strategist and now Daily Beast editor-at-large Goldie Taylor, Paper Gods peels back the layers on the assassination of Dobb’s mentor, a much-venerated congressman, to reveal a greater deception.

Details:  According to an August 10, 2020 report in Deadline, John Legend’s Get Lifted Film Co. is teaming with Sony Pictures TV to bring  the 2018 novel to ABC. Long and Taylor are set to produce the small-screen adaptation.  Source:  Deadline;  Photo Source:  IMDB.

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