Dear Frank

Release Date:  11/10/19; In Theaters
Genre:  Drama/Thriller
Rating:  NR
Director:  Luis F. Montalvo
Studio(s):  Muddy Water Pictures, Webber Films.
Running Time:  93 mins.

Cast:  Brian White (Frank), Claudia Jordan (Beth), Columbus Short (George), Kearia Schroeder (Carrie), Nicholas Turturro (Father Quinn), Torrei Hart (Keke), Lil Durk (T-Mac).

Story Brian White plays a successful business man named Frank who has been happily married for 20 years to Beth (Claudia Jordan).  At their anniversary party, Beth appears to fall ill and faints.  Ultimately, Beth passes away after being poisoned at the party.  Frank is now left to grieve the love of his life.  He ends up finding Beth’s diary and decides to read it.  In it, he finds details of her secret infidelities and transgressions, including a list of her secret lovers.  Fueled by rage and heartbreak, Frank goes on the hunt for answers but that eventually turns fatal.  Source: