a/k/a Tyler Perry’s She’s Living My Life

Release Date:  3/30/18; In Theaters
Genre:  Drama/Thriller
Rating:  R
Director:  Tyler Perry
Studio(s):   The Tyler Perry Company; Lionsgate

Cast Taraji P. Henson (Melinda);Ajiona Alexus (Young Melinda); Danielle Nicolet (Sara); Jazmyn Simon (June); Lyriq Bent (Robert); Kendrick Cross (Kalvin); Katie Carpenter (Carly).

Story:  Follows a faithful wife who, after growing tired of standing by her devious husband, gets enraged when it becomes clear she has been betrayed.  Source:  Movie Insider.



believeRelease Date:  12/2/16; Limited
Genre:  Drama/Inspirational
Rating:  PG
Director:  Billy Dickson
Studio(s):  Power of 3; Sony Pictures
Cast:  Ryan O’Quinn (Matthew Peyton), Danielle Nicolet (Sharon Joseph), Issac Ryan Brown (Clarence Joseph), Shawnee Smith (Dr. Nancy Wells), Kevin Sizemore (Albert Bagley), David DeLuise (Tom Blackhorn).

Story:   Believe centers on the annual Christmas pageant in the small town of Grundy, VA, where the automotive business backing the pageant has been hit by financial hardships.  When Matthew Peyton inherits the family business, he finds himself overwhelmed, as his business profits plummet and his workers begin to strike.  Matthew is forced to make a decision between selling the family business and cancelling the beloved pageant or sticking out hardships despite his rapidly declining popularity in the community.  Through chance events, Matthew meets Clarence, a boy who believes in miracles, and his mother Sharon.  His newfound friends impact Matthew’s life in a way he never thought possible and teach him to believe and give faith a chance.  Source(s):  Variety; Blackfilm.