Come Out Fighting

Release Date:   5/19/23 – VOD; Original Release – 11/3/22
Genre:  Drama
Rating:   NR
Running Time:  85 mins.
Director:  Steven Luke
Studio(s):  Lionsgate, Redbox Automated Retail, Schuetzle Company Productions, VMI Worldwide.
Cast:  Michael Jai White (Sergeant AJ ‘Red’ McCarron), Tyrese Gibson, Kellan Lutz (Lieutenant Frank Ross), Hiram A. Murray (Lieutenant Robert A. Hayes), Dolph Lundgren (Major Chase Anderson).

Story:  In this military adventure set during WWII, a small, specialized squad of U.S. Army African American soldiers are sent on an unofficial rescue mission behind enemy lines to locate their missing commanding officer. Upon battling their way through the German defenses they encounter more then they bargain for when they locate a downed U.S. Army fighter pilot. With the help of their friends at the 761st tank battalion, known as “The Black Panthers,” the squad must find a way to survive and make it back in one piece.  Sources:  IMDB;


Luke Cage

Status:  Development Status Unknown as of July 2, 2014
It was announced on November 8, 2013 that Netflix is developing a series based on the character.

Release Date: TBA
Genre:  Not Available
Rating: Not Available
Studio: Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios
Director: John Singleton
Cast: Tyrese Gibson, Kevin Navayne
Story: Marvel Comics’ Luke Cage (the company’s first black superhero) is a former gang member who is nabbed by the cops after being framed. In jail, he signs up to participate in medical tests, and when things go wrong, he develops superhuman strength and impenetrable skin, which help him bust out of prison. He then becomes an evil-vanquishing mercenary. (Source: Movie Insider).