I Used To Love Her

I Used to Love HerRelease Date: 1/21/2014 Direct-to-Video
Genre: Drama
Rating: NR
Running Time: 90 mins.
Studio: Maverick Entertainment Group
Director: Mark Harris
Cast: Mel Roberson (Ramadan), Lil Rel (Country), Toya Turner (Simee), Simeon Henderson (Terrence), Sheree Bynum (Tyra), Lorenzo Hunt (Shawn)
Story: Simee, a well-known pop singer has lost her way and soul in the music industry. On a path to find herself she falls in love with a man far from her type but has characteristics which are much needed in her growth. Now she must make sure her past doesn’t ruin her future with her new love. (Synopsis taken from Maverick Entertainment). Warning: The following Trailer contains adult language.


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