The Good Life

The Good LifeRelease Date:  11/18/14 (DVD)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  Unknown
Running Time: 125 mins.
Studio:  Redd Bone Productions; Maverick Entertainment Group
Directors:  Owen McManus, Jr. 
Cast:  Robert McGill, Jr. (Mikey), Janell Flugence (Alicia), Selam Workeneh (Sasha), James Mastio, Drew Benson, Jonathan Sorapuru (Kevin).

Details:  Women, money, power, greed, drugs, passion, desire, love, wealth, secrets, seduction…family, tragedy…choices. Protagonist Mikey searches for the alluring good life in an underworld where antagonist Fabian holds all power. Younger brother, Kevin, wants in, against Mikey’s will. Forced to choose between family and the good life, what will Mikey choose?  Source: Maverick Entertainment.