Second Chance Christmas

Second Chance Christmas

Release Date: 12/6/14 (Made-for-TV; TV One)

Cast:  Michael Rainey, Jr., Robinne Lee, McKinley Freeman.

Synopsis:  All Lawrence (Rainey) wants for Christmas is his mother and an Xbox. Instead he gets a new dad when Maisie (Lee) decides to marry her boyfriend of six months, Malcolm (Freeman). With Malcolm comes a new home and a whole new set of rules. Of course Lawrence is NOT happy. When a tragic accident turns Lawrence’s world upside down he and Malcolm must adjust to their new family dynamic to survive. With a bit of love, patience, and a second chance, they just might. Source: TV One.

7 thoughts on “Second Chance Christmas

  1. Wonderful movie…been trying to watch since 2014 can’t find it can I purchase online or will it be available on Dish? Actually dish shows its available but it’s playing a white family version under this description of McKinley Freeman check into that.

  2. I want to this movie “Second Chance Christmas” with Michael Rainey, Jr., Robinne Lee, McKinley Freeman. Have been looking for it for years. Can somebody let me know were I can purchase it, PLEASE!!!!!

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