Free In Deed

Free In DeedRelease Date:  1/1/15
Genre: Drama
Rating:  Unknown
Running Time: NR
Studio: Greyshack Films
Director: Jake Mahaffy

Cast:  Kathy Smith (Pearlie), David Harewood (Abe Wilkins), Edwina Findley (Melva Neddy).

Details:  “How could a man suffocate a child for two hours, the entire time believing he was helping him?”  Free in Deed is a fictional, filmic reinterpretation of events and themes provoked by this true story. The film explores the relationships and circumstances surrounding a faith healing and the forces that lead the characters to define themselves through beliefs.

According to The Southern Casting Call, the movie is inspired by the 2003 death of a child during what was supposed to be a miraculous Pentecostal healing service.

In order to tend for his own ill son, an intensely religious man secretly returns to his hometown where, years ago, his attempted miracle became a criminal act. With complexity and emotional power, Free in Deed explores faith and redemption in rural America. Sources: Indiegogo campaign page; Ion Cinema.  Photo Source:


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