Where Children Play

Where Children PlayRelease Date:  12/1/15 (DVD)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Running Time: 106 mins.
Studio: Turning Point Pictures
Director:  Leila Djansi

Cast:  Brian White (Jeremy Spencer), Teyonah Parris (Bellissima McCain), Leon (David McCain), Macy Gray (Helen Harold), Edwina Findley Dickerson (Gayle McCain), Miranda Bailey (Paige), Kylee Russell (Ruby).

Story:  Film centers on a young woman who extricates herself from a violent family situation in an act of self-preservation but to find herself, she must face her fears. Estranged from her family for ten years, Bellissima, ‘Bell’ Mccain, returns to Compton for her mother’s funeral and then is forced to stay and care for her sick father. The house becomes flooded not only with vivid memories of the abuse doled out by the very man whom Bell must nurse, but also her teenage sister, Ruby, who had died in the house has long awaited Bell’s return. Source(s): IMDB, Blackflix.



Details:  On 4/5/15, The Wrap reported that Where Children Play has been acquired by the Urban Movie Channel.  The film is slated for a limited theatrical release in June and will also run on the Urban Movie Channel.  Source:  The Wrap.

Free In Deed

Free In DeedRelease Date:  1/1/15
Genre: Drama
Rating:  Unknown
Running Time: NR
Studio: Greyshack Films
Director: Jake Mahaffy

Cast:  Kathy Smith (Pearlie), David Harewood (Abe Wilkins), Edwina Findley (Melva Neddy).

Details:  “How could a man suffocate a child for two hours, the entire time believing he was helping him?”  Free in Deed is a fictional, filmic reinterpretation of events and themes provoked by this true story. The film explores the relationships and circumstances surrounding a faith healing and the forces that lead the characters to define themselves through beliefs.

According to The Southern Casting Call, the movie is inspired by the 2003 death of a child during what was supposed to be a miraculous Pentecostal healing service.

In order to tend for his own ill son, an intensely religious man secretly returns to his hometown where, years ago, his attempted miracle became a criminal act. With complexity and emotional power, Free in Deed explores faith and redemption in rural America. Sources: Indiegogo campaign page; Ion Cinema.  Photo Source:  Indiegogo.com.