Legend of Black Annie, The

Black AnnieRelease Date:  2/10/15 (DVD)
Genre: Thriller
Rating:  NR
Running Time: 86 mins.
Studio: Cormarant Films, Mercury Rising Films, Maverick Entertainment Group
Directors: Terrence Flack, Shane Woodson

Cast: Tom Luce (Charles Warren, Sr.), Terrance Flack (Dr. Faulk), Shane Woodson (Holton Bundy), Arthur Richardson (Joe Willis).

Story: The Legend of Black Annie is a film loosely based on an urban legend. It starts in the late 1960s and ends in 2012. When a group of mischievous boys accidentally kill a young girl, her mother, who is versed in the art of voodoo, enacts revenge upon them and anyone involved in the cover-up. Local college professor Cornelius Faulk investigates the urban legend in an attempt to uncover the truth. Source:  Maverick Entertainment.


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