Hear No Evil

See No EvilRelease Date 3/14/15 (TV One); 6/21/14 (American Black Film Festival)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  Unknown
Studio:  Swirl Films, UpToParr Productions LLC
Director:  Russ Parr

Cast:  Jahnee Wallace (Shelby), Jill Marie Jones (Kate), Richard T. Jones (Samuel), Jackie Long (Jason), Leander Suleiman (Jennifer).

Story:  A freak accident jolts Shelby Carson — a 15-year-old hearing impaired student — from her peaceful world of silence and seclusion into the world of the hearing. When she begins to hear messages from God, Shelby discovers that more than just her hearing was restored in the accident. Filled with chaos and confusion, Shelby struggles to cope with her newfound circumstances. She battles with what she should do with the knowledge of startling realities — including compromised health and well-being — facing the people around her. What initially seems to be a blessing on the surface could very well be a curse that unravels the bond between her dearest loved ones. Relationships are tested and secrets are revealed in this compelling story of family, faith and the resolve of a young girl. Sources: IMDB, Deadline. Photo Source: Shadow & Act.


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