Help Get This Film Made – Being Black Enough (Or How To Kill A Black Man)

Status:  Indiegogo Campaign

Being Black Enough

A feature film about what it really means to be Black
and how stereotypes limit and destroy cultures.

Devin Rice Productions has initiated an Indiegogo campaign to raise $15,000 towards the budget of this project.  As of March 5th, the campaign, which started February 2nd and will close March 14th, has raised $6,188 which will contribute to prop and equipment rental, insurance and permits, licensing music, and other production costs.

On Indiegogo’s official site, the campaign team states:

“It’s the story of Cody, a Black young man from a White neighborhood, ridiculed for not being Black enough, who journeys to the hood in search of his “true identity.”

He hangs out with his gangster cousin and gets into serious trouble. During which, he falls in love with his best friends sister, a Mexican girl, who happens to be family to an opposing gang, and ends up losing himself to drugs, violence and eventually the police.”

It’s a Romeo and Juliet story in the hood and is semi-autobiographical.  The film is inspired by others such as Taxi Driver and Boyz N The Hood.

The film is being written/directed by Devin Rice and produced by Jacqueline Corcos.


Visit for further information or to make a donation.


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