Stop Pepper Palmer

Stop Pepper PalmerRelease Date: 3/10/15 (DVD); 4/7/14 (Houston World Fest)
Genre:  Comedy
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  93 mins.
Studios:  James Brothers Studio, Little Mother Productions, Level 33 Entertainment
Directors: Lonzo Liggins, Danny James.
Cast: Too Short (Himself), Carleton Bluford (Jerome Johnson), Latoya Rhodes (Leah Daniels), Lonzo Liggins (Kevin Brown), Andrew Diaz (Pepper Palmer).

Story:  A unique comedy about three black guys who live in Utah, who happen to be the only black people who live in Utah. By accident, they stumble upon a new black woman who has come to town and they begin to vie for her love. The only problem is that she’s not from Utah and they fear that growing up around too many white people may have rubbed off on them and could be unappealing to her. Therefore, they hire Pepper Palmer from Cleveland to help them become more “black.” Only Pepper isn’t who he claims to be and trouble soon ensues. Source(s): site, Amazon.


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