For The Love of Ruth

For The Love of Ruth

Release Date:  5/9/15 (TV One)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Studio(s):  Swirl Films
Running Time:  Unknown
Director:  Christine Swanson

Cast:  Denise Boutté (Ruth), Gary Dourdan (Braxton), Loretta Devine (Naomi Marachond), James Pickens, Jr. (Stephen).

Story:  Inspired by the biblical story, For The Love of Ruth follows the journey of Ruth Sommerling (Boutté), who, orphaned as a child and currently residing in a women’s shelter has lived a life filled with pain and disappointment. In rapid succession, Ruth marries Nicholas Marachond, but a dreadful accident leaves her widowed. Refusing to abandon the new family ties she’s formed, Ruth develops a close bond with Naomi Marachond (Devine). As the matriarch of the Marachond family, Naomi introduces Ruth to the fullness that a life filled with faith and loyalty presents. However, Naomi’s brother-in-law Stephen (Pickens, Jr.) discourages this connection and voices his suspicion of Ruth’s intentions. Ultimately, the love she desired all her life is found in Naomi’s reclusive cousin, Braxton (Dourdan) who despite objections from others showers Ruth with an outpouring of love and kindness. Source: TV One.


33 thoughts on “For The Love of Ruth

  1. I really enjoyed this move For The Love of Ruth, it take you back to the book of Ruth in the bible. I would love to have the move on DVD.

  2. Such an excellent movie. So many request to have it released on DVD. I would love to have a copy

  3. I desperately want to buy this movie for myself and gifts for many to sre. When will this movie be released on DVD

  4. I have been trying to see, and purchase this movie ever since I first saw it. This movie was wonderful. I’ve told so many people about this it. Please let me know when it will be shown again or even better when I can purchase it

  5. Can you please tell me when will ” For the Love of Ruth” be televised again? I have reached out to TV1 a couple of times, but no response. It is such a great movie.

  6. Hello. I am interested in purchasing the movie ‘For the Love of Ruth’. It is now 2020. Do you know yet when it will be released on dvd? It is a very good movie and I’d love to have it my collection.

  7. It has now been many years since the movie first premiered on television, and as of today, there is still no dvd. It says it can be watched on YouTube, but there is something wrong with the upload, and the movie doesn’t actually show up. Can someone fix it, so we will at least have access to it? It is also on demand on Spectrum according to their website, but I do not have that company as my cable provider.

  8. I check on a regular basis tv listing to see the movie For the Love of Ruth. Why isn’t it on DVD?

  9. When and where can i get thus movie? ??? I need it. Is beautiful. I fell in love with everyone in this movie. Please

  10. Tubi is now showing this awesome motion picture.
    My first time viewing it and agree with all the above it is a keeper.
    My husband was just talking to me about Ruth and Naomi in the Bible…Soooo I will be surprising him with this movie on our date night!!!
    God be with you all.

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