Will To Love

Will to Love cast photoRelease Date 6/27/15 (TV One)
Genre:  Romance
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  Unknown
Studios: Footage Films, TV One.
Director: Chris Stokes
Cast: Marques Houston (Jamal Hawkins), Shondrella Avery (Monica), Keisha Knight Pulliam (Rachel), Black Thomas (Danny), Draya Michele (Candice).

Story: Will To Love features Houston as Jamal Hawkins, a 30-something CEO and heir of the “Let It Roll” toilet paper company, who must find a wife before his grandfather passes away. As a quintessential bachelor, Jamal has no idea how to accomplish such a feat and must do so despite his half-sister Monica’s meddling. He enlists the help of his secretary, Rachel and his best friend Danny to find a bride who will obtain his family’s approval and win him his birthright. After devising a plan to audition potential brides and finding Candice, Jamal develops feelings for Rachel and must make the crucial decision between following the money or his heart.  Source: Broadway World. Photo Source: Mz. Shyneka’s Word on the Street.

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