Addiction By Subtraction

Addiction By SubtractionRelease Date:  12/3/19; DVD (2016 – Original Release)
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  91 mins.
Studio:  Way-Younge, LLC
Director: Greg Galloway

Cast:  Wardell Richardson (Jacob James), Leigh Jones (Kerry Angel), Tihirah Taliaferro (Kara Nunez), Melanie Richardson (Candice O’Donnely), Cameron Miller (Simon De La Rosa) and Tommy Ford (Mr. James).

Story: Though quiet and reserved by day, scientist and professor, Jacob James explores the darker nature of humanity. He discovers a way to unlock his own dark side by creating a key, a chemical akin to ecstasy.

Though nurturing a sweet and innocent romance with a colleague named Kerry, James, unleashed by the drug, enters into a sadistic relationship with a wealthy executive named Candice. The interaction releases years of pent up aggression.

Candice, enticed by Jacob’s wild side in the bedroom, becomes infatuated with the rough sex. As Jacob becomes dependent upon this deviant release Candice becomes more obsessed with Jacob. Ignoring warnings from Simon, his close friend and Kara, a friend of Candice, Jacob continues to use the drug to unchain his wild side and sleep with Candice to satisfy his aggression. Jacob even feels empowered enough to confront pain from his past; his estranged father Mr. James. Everything is going according to plan.

Eventually Jacob’s plan is interrupted when Candice becomes pregnant with his child. He approaches her about “handling the situation” and conflict erupts when Candice expresses her intention to keep the child. Jacob finds his role reversed, now the victim of Candice’s sadism. Jacob finds his rage harder to control, as it grows and eventually without the assistance of the drug. Added to his problems with Candice, the interaction with his father begins spiraling out of control as he feels destined to repeat the same shortcomings. The very drug he uses to satisfy his desires now threatens everything in his life; even his pure love for Kerry.

Will Jacob find a way to cope with his destructive desires and live a happy life? Will Jacob find peace or will he become Addicted to the Subtraction of his soul?  Source:  Official Facebook Page; IMDB.


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