KicksRelease Date:  9/9/16
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  R
Running Time:  80 mins.
Director:   Justin Tipping
Studio:   Focus World

Cast:  Jahking Guillory (Brandon), Mahershala Ali (Marlon), Kofi Siriboe (Flaco), Christopher Jordan Wallace (Albert), Christopher Meyer (Rico).

Story:   When his hard-earned kicks get snatched by a local hood, fifteen-year old Brandon and his two best friends go on an ill-advised mission across the Bay Area to retrieve the stolen sneakers. Featuring a soundtrack packed with hip-hop classics, Justin Tipping’s debut feature is an urban coming-of-age tale told with grit, humor, and surprising lyricism.  Source:  Deadline.


Like Cotton Twines

Like Cotton Twines stillRelease Date:   6/2/16; L. A. Film Festival
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  96 mins.
Director:  Leila Djansi
Studio:   Turning Point Pictures

Cast Jay Ellis (Micha Brown), Miranda Bailey (Allison Dean), Ophelia Klenam Dzidzornu (Tuigi), Yvonne Okoro (Sarah), David Dontoh (Father Baani), Luckei E. Lawson (Ajovi).

Story:  Micah, an American volunteer who takes a teaching job in a remote Ghanaian village, has great expectations for his mother’s homeland.  He is enthusiastic and eager to help his students fulfill their potential, especially Tuigi, a bright 13-year-old girl. But Tuigi’s family must atone for a deadly accident committed by her father and, according to religious custom, Tuigi must abandon her education and be offered as a sex slave.  Clinging to his Western moral senses, Micah pits himself in a battle against tribal culture and the state.  Source:  L. A. Film Festival.

The Human Tornado

a/k/a Dolemite 2

The Human Tornado

Year of Release:  1976
Genre:  Blaxploitation/Action/Comedy/Drama
Rating: R
Runtime:  108 mins.
Studio(s):  Comedian International Distributors, Dimension Pictures,
Xenon Pictures, Xenon Entertainment Group
Director:   Cliff Roquemore

Cast:   Rudy Ray Moore (Dolemite), Lady Reed (Queen Bee), Jimmy Lynch (Mr. Motion), Gloria Delaney (Hurricane Annie), Ernie Hudson (Bo).

Synopsis:  In this sequel to the cult smash Dolemite, we find our hero on the run from a redneck sheriff who has caught Dolemite messin’ with his woman. He and his posse (including a young Ernie Hudson) dodge the sheriff and his bullets in a high-speed chase that takes them to L.A. Upon Dolemite’s arrival, he learns that Queen Bee (Lady Reed) and her Kung Fu Girls have been pushed out of the nightclub business by a ruthless competitor who has ties to the Mob.  With two of the girls held hostage, the Queen and her bees are forced into slavery for their nemesis.The Human Tornado still 1

Enter Dolemite! Following a scene described by Rudy Ray himself as “sensational and sexsational,” Dolemite gets the lowdown on the gang’s hideout. It’s highspeed kung fu Dolemite-style as the rat soup eatin’ motherf***ers get their collective ass kicked.  But the redeneck sheriff is still hot on Dolemite’s trail – can even a Human Tornado fight two battles at once?   Source/Photo Source:  Blaxploitation Pride.



Almost Christmas

a/k/a A Meyers Christmas

Almost ChristmasRelease Date:  11/11/16; In Theaters
Genre:   Comedy
Rating:   PG-13
Running Time:  Unknown
Director:   David E. Talbert
Studio:   Universal Pictures

Cast:  Gabrielle Union, Danny Glover (Walter), Nicole Ari Parker, Omar Epps, Jessie Usher, Romany Malco, Kimberly Elise, Mo’Nique (Aunt May), J.B. Smoove.

Story:  Almost Christmas tells the festive story of a beloved patriarch who asks his family for one gift this holiday season: to get along.  If they can honor that wish and spend five days under the same roof without killing one another, it will be a Christmas miracle.  Source:  Almost Christmas Movie, official site; IMDB.



Release Date:  8/4/17; In Theaters
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:  R
Running Time:   94 mins.
Studio(s):  Relativity Studios, Rumble Entertainment, Well Go USA Entertainment, 606 Films, Di Bonaventura Pictures, Gold Star Films.

Director:  Luis Prieto
Cast:   Halle Berry,  Patrick Kearns, Lew Temple, Dana Gourrier, Christopher Berry, Robert Walker Branchaud, Erica Curtis, Ritchie Montgomery, Kurt Krause, and Michael D. Anglin.

Story:  A mother stops at nothing to recover her kidnapped son.  Source:

A typical afternoon in the park turns into a nightmare for single mom Karla Dyson when her son suddenly disappears. Without a cell phone and knowing she has no time to wait for police help, Karla jumps in her own car and sets off in pursuit of the kidnappers. A relentless, edge-of-your seat chase ensues, where Karla must risk everything to not lose sight of her son.  Source:  Black Film.

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The Execution of Nigel Harris

The Execution of Nigel HarrisRelease Date:   2/1/17; In Theaters
Genre:   Drama
Rating:  Unknown
Running Time:  Unknown
Director:  Lamont Pierre
Studio:   El Cee Productions
Cast:   Skipper Elekwachi (Nigel Harris), Vanessa Simmons (Rebecca Winters, rumored), Crystal-Lee Naomi (Allison Winters), Jillian Rea (Mary), Cherie Johnson (Kim), Towanda Braxton (Parole Officer Lisa Harrington).

Story:   A convicted sex offender released from prison moves back to his hometown. He begins a sexual relationship with Allison, a petty prostitute. His world is further complicated when his former high school sweetheart Rebecca learns of Nigel’s criminal past and leads a deadly campaign to get Nigel ousted from the small town. The story examines the labels and stereotypes normally associated with being a victim.  Source:  Official Facebook Page; IMDB.



WovenRelease Date:  6/4/16; L. A. Film Festival
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  96 mins.
Director(s):  Salome Mulugeta & Nagwa Ibrahim
Studio:   Lima Production, Ur-Mee, WitNas Productions.
Cast:  Salome Mulugeta, Ryan O’Nan, Alemtsehay Wodajo, Larisa Polonsky, Ryan Spahn, Vincent Agnello, Ryan Spahn, Mickey Macras, Tibebe Solomon Borga, Mona Ibrahim

Story:   Willfully independent, Elenie Tariku is a young Ethiopian American psychologist who finds herself caught between cultural tradition and family responsibilities. When a mysterious crime takes the life of her only brother, Elenie becomes relentless in her search for the truth and learns to reconcile cultural expectations with her own pursuit of self-identity and love.  Source:  L. A. Film Festival.

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