Compensation stillRelease Date:   8/27/16; Chicago Black Harvest Film Festival (1999)
Genre:  Drama, Romance
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  95 mins.
Black & White
Director:  Zeinabu Irene Davis
Studio:   Wimmin with a Mission Productions

Cast:   John Jelks (Arthur Jones/Nico Jones), Michelle A. Banks (Malindy Brown/Malaika Brown), Nirvana Cobb (Tildy Evans/Children’s Library Reader), Kevin L. Davis (Tyrone), Christopher Smith (William Young /Dancer), K. Lynn Stephens (Aminata Brown).

Story:  Two unique African American love stories, each involving a deaf woman and a hearing man, play out in this moving drama.  Inspired by a poem written by Paul Laurence Dunbar, the narrative shares their struggle to overcome racism, disability and discrimination.  This important film on African American deaf culture innovatively incorporates silent film techniques such as title cards and vintage photos to make the piece accessible to hearing and deaf viewers alike, and to share the vast possibilities of language and communication.  Source:  Siskel Film Center; IMDB.



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