Brute Sanity

Release Date:  10/16/18; DVD
(Original Release Date – 2017)
Genre:  Action
Rating:  NR
Director:  Sam Vanivray
Studio(s):  Imaginary Danger Productions, Summer Hill Films, Maverick Entertainment
Running Time:  100 mins. 
Cast:  Adjovi Koene, Steven Lawlor-Jones, Sam Vanivray.
Story:   Keradin, an up-and-coming FBI agent, successfully extracts a stolen artifact from a den of criminals, despite freakish hallucinations. A year later, Keradin has returned to academia as a postdoctoral researcher in neuropsychology.  Her former FBI boss swarms her research center with a group of agents to find a second artifact – a device which can alter reality.  Realizing Maskin has sinister intentions, Keradin teams up with a thief to find the artifact first while Maskin unleashes bizarre traps to stop her.  Source:  Maverick Entertainment.


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