Rogue Cell

Release Date:   9/17/19; DVD
Genre:   Action
Rating:  NR
Director:  Bryan G. Thompson
Studio(s):   Imani Films, Maverick Entertainment.
Running Time:  75 mins.
Cast:   Bryan G. Thompson (David Shepard), Frances Mitchell (Yvonne Arquette), Karlee Perez (Dana Garcia), Sarah Kaminski (Amber Reid).
Story:   David Shepard works for the Harris Corporation, a defense and intelligence contractor for the US government. While he was away on a mission, his wife, a scientist on top-secret projects at the US National Laboratories, was killed in an explosion. He receives a new assignment to kill five people who have been designated as threats to national security. Shortly after receiving the assignment, David receives a cryptic message that leads him to discover that the five people are linked to the death of his wife.  Source:  Maverick Entertainment.


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