As I Am

Release Date:   12/6/19; In Theaters (Limited) & VOD
Genre:   Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Anthony Bawn
Studio(s):   Bawn Incorporated and APB Productions
Running Time:  62 mins.

Cast:   Andre Myers (Emmanuel), Jerimiyah Dunbar (Demetrius), Rodney Chester (Kevin), Tom McLaren (Charles), Piper Dellums (Eva).

Story:   A new LGBT film starring Rodney Chester of Noah’s Arc and written and directed by Anthony Bawn is set to open in New York and other markets from December 6.  As I Am, is the story of Emmanuel (Meyers), a lone marketing executive who must come to grips with a gut wrenching secret he’s withheld from his family for many years. Along the way, Emmanuel meets Demetrius (Jerimiyah Dunbar) who welcomes him to a whole new world filled with compassion and understanding, the likes of which Emmanuel has never known.   Source:  Black Film.


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