The Killing Secret

Release Date:  8/4/2020; DVD (Original Release – 2018)
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:  NR
Directors:  Sheena Herod, Wardell Richardson
Studio(s):  Tapoo Productions
Running Time:  65 mins.
Cast:  Blue Kimble, Stephanie Stevens, Denise Monet Bingley

Story:   Daniel and his wife Brenda appeared to have it all together, but smiles can be deceiving and kisses can be poison.  A healthy marriage is difficult to attain and destroy, but not when secrets are intertwined in the vows, especially one that can kill.  Source:  Maverick Entertainment.


2 thoughts on “The Killing Secret

  1. Luv watching your movies. But sometimes when you say a movie is gonna be released on a certain day it doesn’t air. Is there a place viewers can go to get accurate information? For instance, THE KILLING SECRET IS SUPPOSE TO BE SHOWING AND IT ISNT. JUST KEEP SAYING COMING SOON. 🤷 ALSO ARE YOU LOOKING FOR BEGINNERS ACTORS MAYBE A SMALL ROLL. IM IN MY LATE 40. FEMALE. SLENDER. N A REDBONE. IF SO CAN YOU PLEASE SEND ME THE INFO TO WHERE OR WHOM I NEED TO SPEAK WITH. THANK YOU. AGAIN LOVE LOVE LIVE MAVERICK MOVIES

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