Sweet Mahogany 2: Pure Indulgence

Release Date:  2/23/21 (DVD)
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:  NR
Director:  Karlton T. Clay
Studio(s):  Victory Productions, L.L.C., Maverick Films
Running Time:  86 mins.

Cast:  Jessica Lark, Kineh N’Goajia, Ronza Bee, April Davis, Michael Mykkel, Niya Kerr.

Story:  Mahogany Andrews appears to be in the fight for her life as she is battling Tony Hawkins for custody of their daughter, Rachel. However, another fight is beginning to ensue as Cassie Pearson is doing whatever it takes to keep her entire family, which includes Mahogany, together and Khalil Pearson is battling internally to figure out what he truly wants and needs out of life and his marriage.  Source(s):  Maverick Entertainment; IMDB.