California Love

Release Date:  10/24/21; TBA
Genre:  Biography/Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Preston A. Whitmore II
Studio(s):   Brandani Productions, Preston Picture Company, Sunset Pictures
Cast  Allen Payne as Leon Watkins
Christa B. Allen as Joanne Beck
Columbus Short as Norris
Robert Ri’chard as Jay Hunter
Michelle Lee as Lisa Yuen
Michole Briana White as Pat
Carson Fagerbakke as Sandy
Markice Moore as DeAndre
Natasha Marc as Evelyn Watkins
Draya Michele as Beverly
Kevin Thoms as Phil
Malea Rose as Jessica Beck
Philip Boyd as Morgan
Tatum Shank as Jack Beck
Jensen Atwood as Doctor
Broderick Hunter as Angelo Adams
Joel Steingold as Jay’s Father
Christina Fuursted as Bartender
Sue Cremin as Ruth Beck
Amanda Henn as Amanda Richards
Lamar Usher as Keyson
Six Reasons as Vonte
Omar Bolden as Marquise
Natasha Makin as Cece
Tammie Sellers as Sis

Story:  Based on a true story, California Love takes place in 1992 Los Angeles. Joanne Beck (Christa B. Allen) is a young, aspiring entrepreneur whose idealistic outlook suffers a blow when she experiences sexism in the workplace. Looking for a change, Joanne volunteers at community leader Leon Watkins’ (Allen Payne) help center in South Central. Meanwhile, reputed gang member Jay Hunter (Robert Ri’chard), back on the streets following a bid in prison, is nearly killed in a drive-by shooting. When Jay comes to Leon for a loan, he meets Joanne, and their fate is set in motion. The unlikely duo defies social constructs and forms an organization that gains national recognition in the fight against racial injustice. Along the way, they experience love, tragedy, and the deep-seated racism that continues to plague America, ultimately leaving behind a legacy that is as relevant today as ever before.  Source: