Release Date:  6/12/19 – 6/16/19; American Black Film Festival
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Director/Writer:  Charles Murray
Studio(s):  Ohio Street Pictures
Running Time:  105 mins.
Cast:  Dorian Missick, Simone Missick, Michael Beach, Terrell Tilford, Victoria Platt, Omar Epps.
Story:  After a journalist’s cousin commits suicide, he investigates what caused her to take her life and the people he believes are responsible.  Source:  Blackfilm.com.

As Evil Does

Release Date 1/1/16
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:  Unknown
Running Time:  Unknown
Studio(s):  BroadMind Entertainment, Buggsy Productions
Director:  Yolanda Erica Buggs
Cast:  Bill Cobbs (Jeremiah), Dorian Missick (Dominic), Pamela Drake Wilson (Evangelist Carrie Robertson), Karl L. Sanders (Jesus).

As Evil Does

Story:  A suspense thriller that begins when a door-to-door evangelist engages an aging atheist in a conversation about religion and God. The conversation quickly devolves and the evangelist is asked to leave the house – but he doesn’t! When he re-emerges from the shadows after the caregiver has gone home, what ensues are three horrific nights of heated philosophical debates, cat and mouse pursuits, supernatural religious occurrences and torturous mayhem. Source(s): Shadow and Act, asevildoesthemovie.com.


The Summoning

The SummoningRelease Date 6/6/15 (TV One)
Genre:  Horror
Rating:  NR
Running Time: Unknown
Studio: Parkside Pictures, Distributors TV One
Director:  Charles Murray
Cast:  Paula Jai Parker (Angela), Darius McCrary (Drew), Dorian Missick (Wayne), Terrell Tilford (TJ), Reynaldo Gallegos (Trent), Marco Dapper (Adam), Storm Reid (Kendra), Diandra Lyle (Kiki), Kali Hawk (Ruth).

Story: In The Summoning, Paula Jai Parker plays Angela Simmons-Alexander, a young woman who complicates her life by resurrecting her late husband TJ Simmons. Though her new husband Wayne Alexander is everything she could hope for, the passion in her marriage is lukewarm at best. Given an artifact – a spiritual medallion said to awaken the deceased – by a dead friend’s brother, Angela cannot resist temptation and invokes the magic of the mysterious gift. The reunion with her past love is emotional but turns deadly very quickly as his spirit begins to strengthen and make life-threatening demands, including turning Kendra, one of their young daughters, against Wayne. With the help of Kiki, a homeless woman Angela hired to run her bar’s kitchen, they plot to send TJ back to the grave. Source: Broadway World; IMDB. Photo Source: TV One.