The Workout Room

Release Date:  10/8/19 (Original Release – 2018)
Genre:  Comedy
Rating:  NR
Director:  Kena Monique
Studio(s):  Pigrat Productions, Stick Chick Films, Maverick Entertainment
Running Time:  81 mins.

Cast:  Joe Torry (Teejay), Tammy Townsend (Xena), Jay “Lil JJ” Lewis (Juice), Calida Jones (Anita), Torrei Hart (Kiki).

Story:  The Workout Room is a dramatic comedy about Teejay, an up and coming comedian who is given the chance of a lifetime at the cost of missing his daughter’s wedding. Xena, an educated, tell it like it is comedy promoter turned club owner is a one woman wrecking crew keeping everyone in line with her boisterous presence and edgy tongue. The Workout Room is a funny, plot driven film featuring real life stand-up comedians.  Source:  Maverick Entertainment.


Soul Ties


Release Date:  12/14/18
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  Unknown
Studio(s):  5459 Films,
AVG Global Entertainment,
AmVic Entertainment,
Eleventh Entertainment,
Followme Productions
Directors:  Victor Hobson, Tee Ashira

Cast:  Rocsi (Paula), Katy Mixon (Grace), Terri J. Vaughn (Ruth), Christopher McDonald (Sydney), Leon (Dale, Sr.), Victoria Rowell (Maybelle), Flex Alexander (Jessie), Jasmine Burke,  (Melinda), Kyla Drew Simmons (Young Terry), Chico Benymon (Anthony), Joe Torry (Morris).

Story:  Based on the Novel Soul Ties by Tee Ashira.  When a young woman’s faith in her beloved collides head on with her faith in people, what begins as a tale of gut wrenching heartache, ends in a triumphant redemption that not only touches the soul, it leaves a welcome mat at the door of awakening. Source: IMDB.