Down For Whatever

Release Date:  7/22/18 (TV One)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  Unknown
Director:  Timothy Wayne Folsome
Studio(s):   Swirl Films, TV One
Running time:  Unknown
Cast:  Letoya Luckett (Tracy), Hosea Chanchez (Mike), Bre-z (Denise), Imani Hakim (Sonya)

Story:   Down For Whatever chronicles Tracy, a young successful doctor and her detective husband, Mike.  Although happily married, one thing has always been missing in their relationship – a sense of family.  Tracy grew up in foster care and longs for the traditional family environment that she never had.  When Mike suddenly loses his partner in a senseless cop-killing, Tracy is there to support him.  That is, until she receives an unexpected visit from a social worker who informs her that the ruthless killers suspected in the murder are her biological sisters, Denise and Sonya.  Tracy is overwhelmed and in disbelief by the news, but before telling her husband, she decides to track her sisters down herself.  Will she make it to them before the cops do?  Source:  Futoncritic.  Photo Source:  TV One.


Seasons of Love

Seasons of Love

Release Date: 11/23/14 (Lifetime TV)
Genre:  Romance
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  Unknown
Studio:   Game 7 Films, Good Shepard Productions, Move Mountain Productions, Seasons of Love.
Director:  Princess Monique

Cast:  Gladys Knight (Ms. Angie), Taraji P. Henson (Jackie), Letoya Luckett (Kyla), Cleo Anthony (Amir), Method Man (Big Rob), Richard Portnow (Pop), Robert Riley (Miles), Elizabeth Ho (Tweety).

Seasons of Love LeToya Luckett, Rob Riley

Story:  Kyla and Amir’s new romance is thrown for a loop when Amir’s father suddenly passes away and Kyla’s ex, Miles comes back into the picture. The two struggle to determine what truly matters to them in this story of life, love and family. Source(s): IMDB; Shadow and Act. Photo Source(s): Shadow and Act; Talk of DC.

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From the Rough

From The RoughRelease Date:  4/25/14 (limited); 6/8/2013 (Ardmore open)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  PG
Running Time:  97 mins.
Studio(s):  Royal Street Productions; Gyre Entertainment; Freestyle Releasing
Director:  Pierre Bagley
Cast:  Taraji P. Henson (Catana Starks)
Michael Clarke Duncan (Roger)
Tom Felton (Edward)
Justin Chon (Ji-Kyung)
Henry Simmons (Kendrick Paulsen, Jr.)
James Saito (Won-Sik)
Robert Bailey, Jr.(Craig)
Tony Bentley (Coach Hank Taylor)
Letoya Luckett (Stacey)

Story:  The inspirational true story of Catana Starks from the Historically Black University Tennessee State, who became the first African-American woman ever to coach an all-men’s team at the collegiate level. Through grit and determination, she overcame incredible odds and deep-seated prejudice from all corners to guide a rag-tag group of golfers to an all-time record championship season. Source(s): IMDB;, official site.


Drumline: A New Beat

DrumlineRelease Date:  10/27/14
Genre:  Comedy/Drama
Rating:  Not Available
Studio(s):  Fox Television Studios /VH1 Television
Director:  Billie Woodruff
Cast:  Nick Cannon (Devon Miles), Alexandra Shipp (Dani), Jordan Calloway (Jayven), Leonard Roberts (Sean Taylor), Lisa Arrindell Anderson (Lois Bolton), Letoya Luckett (Dr. Nia Phillips), Jasmine Burke (Tasha), Kamille Leai (Lori) Jackie Goldston (Dean Scott), Rome Flynn (Leon), Scott Shilstone (Josh), Jeff Pierre (Tyree)

Story:  Drumline: A New Beat will focus on a new set of characters at Atlanta A&T University — the setting of the original movie. The story follows Dani Bolton (Shipp), an upper-class Brooklyn girl who defies her parents in order to attend Atlanta A&T so she can join — and revitalize — its once-prominent drumline.

Dani’s quest to become the first female section leader of the drumline in the school’s history will be hampered by upperclassmen, including her cousin, Tyree (Jeff Pierre, Glee), head of the percussion section and her feelings for fellow bandmate Jayven (Jordan Calloway, Unfabulous), an extremely gifted, yet cocky freshman.

Leonard Roberts will reprise his role as Sean Taylor, now a determined band director looking to make his mark at his alma mater while navigating the ghosts of his past. Cannon will executive produce and reprise his role as Devon Miles in a cameo. Letoya Luckett (Single Ladies) will portray Dr. Nia Phillips, the intelligent and determined dean at Atlanta A&T with former romantic ties to Sean. Her support of Sean’s return to lead A&T’s band proves to be difficult as the Panthers take on a rival band led by Phillips’ ex-husband — and Sean’s brother — Kevin Taylor. Jasmine Burke (Ride Along) is set as Tasha Williams, one of Dani’s roommates who is wooed by Josh (Scott Shilstone, Now You See Me).  Source: The Hollywood Reporter.



Details:  The first Drumline featured a talented street drummer from Harlem who enrolls in a Southern university, was a success for Fox, grossing close to $60 million. The sequel may be a possible pilot to a potential Drumline series on VH-1. Source(s): Deadline; Shadow & Act.