Release Date:   3/16/21; SXSW

Genre:   Drama

Rating:  NR

Director:  Edson Jean

Studio(s):   Bantufy

Running Time:  80 mins.

Cast:  Shein Mompremier (Ludi), Patrice DeGraff-Arenas (Coretta), Madelin Marchant Blanca), Alan Myles Heyman (George).

Story:   Desperate to send money to her family back in Haiti, hardworking and exhausted nurse Ludi Alcidor spends a chaotic day battling coworkers, clients and an impatient bus driver as she chases the American dream in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood.  Source(s):; IMDB.

I’m Fine (Thanks for Asking)

Release Date:  3/16/21; SXSW
Genre:  Dramedy
Rating:  NR
Director(s):  Kelley Kali, Angelique Molina
Running Time:  90 mins.

Cast Kelley Kali as Danny, Wesley Moss as Wes, Deon Cole as Chad, Brooklynn Marie as Brooklynn, Ira Scipio as Bobby, Jackie Holmes as Nyla, Xing-Mai Deng as Mr. Yu, Angelique Molina as Christina, Julia Kennedy as Charlotte, Roma Kong as Rebecca, Brian Brooks as Gus, Lamar Usher as Lamar.

Story:  When a recently widowed mother becomes houseless, she convinces her 8-year-old daughter that they are only camping for fun while working to get them off of the streets.



Source(s):  Official site,, IMDB.

Really Love

Release Date:   TBA
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Angel Kristi Williams
Studio(s):  MACRO
Running Time:  Unknown

Cast:  Michael Ealy, Naturi Naughton, Uzo Aduba, Jade Eshete, Tristan Mack Wilds, Kofi Siriboe

Details:  Really Love follows the life of a starving artist in gentrifying Washington D.C. who is struggling to find his place in the prestigious art world. When a young law student unexpectedly comes into his life, he must choose between a whirlwind romance and his budding career as a successful painter.

Story:  Isaiah’s creativity flows with Stevie in his life. They fall in love, but his work remains overlooked, bruising his ego. When Isaiah convinces a gallerist to take a chance on him, he pours himself into his art, which catapults his career, but doesn’t leave room for love. Frustrated, Stevie accepts a dream job in Chicago, breaking Isaiah’s heart.  A year passes without communication until Isaiah sees Stevie at his group show in Chicago. Though Isaiah’s life seems to have improved, it isn’t what he imagined without her.  Source(s):  Deadline.  Photo Source:  Blackfilm;

Cut Throat City

Release Date:   7/31/20 – VOD
(Original Release:  3/14/20 – SXSW Film Festival)
Genre:  Action
Rating:  R
Director:  RZA
Writer:  Paul Cuschieri
Studio(s):  Rumble Riot Pictures, Lydiard Films, Patriot Pictures, Well Go USA Entertainment.
Running Time:  132 mins.

Cast:  Shameik Moore, Demetrius Shipp, Jr., Denzel Whitaker, Keean Johnson, Ethan Hawke, Eiza Gonzalez, Kat Graham, Isaiah Washington, T.I., Terrence Howard, and Wesley Snipes.

Story:  The plot follows four boyhood friends in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward who return after Hurricane Katrina to find their homes decimated.  With no jobs, no help from FEMA and out of options, they reluctantly turn to a local gangster, who offers them one shot at turning their situations around – by pulling off a dangerous heist in the heart of the city.  When the job goes bad, the friends find themselves on the run, hunted by two relentless detectives and a neighborhood warlord who thinks they stole the heist money.  Source:  Deadline.  Photo Source:  Movie Insider.


The 24th

Release Date:  8/21/20
Genre:  Drama/History
Rating:  NR
Director:  Kevin Willmott
Studio(s):  EMJAG Productions
Running Time:  105 mins.

Cast:  Trai Byers (Boston), Bashir Salahuddin (Big Joe), Aja Naomi King (Marie), Mo McRae (Walker), Tosin Morohunfola (Franklin), Mykelti Williamson (Sgt. Hayes), Thomas Haden Church (Col. Norton), Lorenzo Yearby (Lucky).

Story:  The 24th tells the true story of the all-black Twenty-Fourth United States Infantry Regiment, and the Houston Riot of 1917.  The Houston Riot was a mutiny by 156 African American soldiers in response to the brutal violence and abuse at the hands of Houston police officers. The riot lasted two hours and led to the death of nine civilians, four policemen and two soldiers. It resulted in the largest murder trial in history, which sentenced a total of 19 men to execution, and 41 to life sentences.

America has just entered the Great War, but is refusing to send black troops into combat. Instead of heading to the front lines, the Twenty-Fourth Infantry is sent to Houston, Texas to oversee the construction of Camp Logan for the Illinois National Guard. William Boston is forced to choose between his love for a young woman and leading an attack by 156 African American soldiers on a brutal and racist police force. This incident lead to what is now called the Houston Riot of 1917.  Source(s):  Deadline;



Release Date:  3/9/19; SXSW Film Festival
Genre:  Drama/LGBTQ
Rating:  NR
Director:  Numa Perrier
Studio(s):   House of Numa
Running Time:  88 mins.

Cast:  Tiffany Tenille, Numa Perrier, Stephen Barrington, Bobby Field, Brett Gelman, Rockwelle Dortch, Zoe Tyson, Dennis Jaffee, Jessa Zarubica.
Story:   A true story.  In the last days of her mother’s life, 19 year old Tiffany crashes with five family members in a Las Vegas studio apartment. In order to make ends meet, her older sister, a phone sex operator, introduces her to the world of internet fetish cam girls. Tiffany becomes popular as the only “live black model” at the new adult site and soon becomes too close to one of her frequent callers. Dynamics shift in the sister relationship as each woman explores and exploits their sexuality, using their created fantasy worlds as an escape from the realities of their challenging real life circumstances. This bizarre coming of age story depicts sisterhood in a most unusual way.  Source: