The 24th

Release Date:  8/21/20
Genre:  Drama/History
Rating:  NR
Director:  Kevin Willmott
Studio(s):  EMJAG Productions
Running Time:  105 mins.

Cast:  Trai Byers (Boston), Bashir Salahuddin (Big Joe), Aja Naomi King (Marie), Mo McRae (Walker), Tosin Morohunfola (Franklin), Mykelti Williamson (Sgt. Hayes), Thomas Haden Church (Col. Norton), Lorenzo Yearby (Lucky).

Story:  The 24th tells the true story of the all-black Twenty-Fourth United States Infantry Regiment, and the Houston Riot of 1917.  The Houston Riot was a mutiny by 156 African American soldiers in response to the brutal violence and abuse at the hands of Houston police officers. The riot lasted two hours and led to the death of nine civilians, four policemen and two soldiers. It resulted in the largest murder trial in history, which sentenced a total of 19 men to execution, and 41 to life sentences.

America has just entered the Great War, but is refusing to send black troops into combat. Instead of heading to the front lines, the Twenty-Fourth Infantry is sent to Houston, Texas to oversee the construction of Camp Logan for the Illinois National Guard. William Boston is forced to choose between his love for a young woman and leading an attack by 156 African American soldiers on a brutal and racist police force. This incident lead to what is now called the Houston Riot of 1917.  Source(s):  Deadline;


Destination:  Planet Negro!

Destination Planet Negro!Release Date:  6/10/16; VOD, Digital HD; (2015)
Genre:  Comedy
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  Unknown
Director:   Kevin Willmott
Studio(s):   Candy Factory Films, Ninth Street Studios.
Cast:   Tosin Morohunfola (Captain Race Johnson), Danielle Cooper (Beneatha Avery), Kevin Willmott (Dr. Warrington Avery), Trai Byers (B-12), Walter Coppage (Dr. Horn / Howard Horn), Samra Teferra (Karen Wilborn).

Story:   Destination: Planet Negro! follows influential African American figures, W.E.B DuBois and George Washington Carver, as they time warp to the present to discover unbelievable developments. It all starts when a group of black leaders during the 1930s gather for a secret meeting to discuss the “Negro Problem” in America at the time, when they decide that the only real solution is for black people to, not only leave America, but the planet altogether.  They build a rocket ship that they plan to use to take an exploratory group to Mars, to research the possibility of such a bold undertaking.  Carrying a crew of three, the spacecraft vaults into a time warp, landing its brave scientists in present day America.  A smart satire that sports a wicked streak of goofball humor, Destination: Planet Negro! has the feel of low-budget 1950s sci-fi, and when the crew find themselves in a contemporary Midwestern metropolis, this comedy takes on the look of a reality show as the astonished adventurers discover unbelievable developments like young men with drooping pants and the election of a black president.  Source(s):  Official site –; Shadow and Act.