Confused By Love

Confused...By LoveRelease Date:  8/8/16; Chicago Black Harvest Film Festival (2015)
Genre:  Comedy/Romance
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  71 mins.
Director:  Crosby Tatum
Studio:   Triceptus Studios

Cast:  Keith Mascoll (Ferguson Middlebecker), Jamie Perez (Tiffany Marie Middlebecker), Simba Dibinga (Reggie Maxwell), Jordan Lloyd (Joline ‘Jo Jo’ Thompson), Kelly Karavites (Mr. Robert Wilson), Donmishette Ross (Susan).

Story:  The one-year marriage of Ferguson, a shy, bespectacled author, and his spendaholic Gucci-gal wife Tiffany seems headed for the rocks. Arriving only steps behind the foreclosure notice on their posh suburban split-level is Ferguson’s high-rolling pal Reggie, with significant other Jo-Jo, who just happens to be Ferguson’s ex-girlfriend. Reggie makes a financial proposition, and the stage is set for games, not strictly limited to Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle.  Source:  Siskel Film Center.


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