Love Isn’t Enough

Love Isn't Enough stillRelease Date:  8/16/16; Chicago Black Harvest Film Festival
Genre:   Drama
Rating:  NR
Running Time: 
73 mins.
Saquan Jones, Erin Ryan


Cast:  Sarah Grace Sanders (Kelly), Shadner Ifrene(Charles Joyner), Lamar K. Cheston (Jackson), Hazel Dolphy (Karene).

Story:   An interracial marriage undergoes a trial by fire when a dispute over the Thanksgiving turkey precipitates an emotional look at the very roots of the relationship. In order to achieve cultural veracity, the biracial production team divided responsibilities, with Saquan Jones (African American male) directing Charles (Ifrene), the African American husband, and Erin Ryan (Caucasian female) directing Amanda (Bloom), his Caucasian wife.  Flashbacks point up the sexual chemistry that underlies the couple’s love, but glaring cultural differences come into play, sometimes humorously, when friends and family enter the equation, and a toddler son begs the question of identity anew.  Source:  Siskel Film Center.


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