RingsideRelease Date:  9/4/16; TVOne
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Russ Parr
Studio:   Swirl Films
Cast:  Allen Maldonado (Spencer), Tequan Richmond (TC), Tyler Lepley (Jaxon), Sevyn Streeter (Selita), Raney Branch (Indera), Kwame Patterson (Fee), Jackie Long (Payton).

Story:  The biggest fight in boxing history will take place May 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Spencer ‘Timber’ Collier defends his title against the undefeated Jaxon Holley.  “Boxing 365,” the popular documentary series, chronicles the events leading up to the big fight. Jaxon, a college educated boxer, deals with the issue of being his brother and his sister’s keeper.

Jaxon’s record label is in the red due in part to the fact that his only artist is his very untalented little brother, TC.  In addition to the backstabbing seedy world of the boxing and recording business, Jaxon’s baby sister, Selita, a young, naive woman gets involved with his top heartbreaking producer.

Considering all the distractions of the world of gambling, groupies and drugs, Jaxon falls in love with a freelance photographer, Indera, who may not be who she claims to be. Oddsmakers don’t give Jaxon much of a chance against the much bigger steroid abuser, Spencer Collier.  Jaxon Holley eventually figures out that fighting in front of millions is less stressful than all the drama that leads up to the big fight.  Source(s):  TVOne; IMDB.


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