Mr. Church

a/k/a Cook

Mr. ChurchRelease Date:  9/16/16; In Theaters
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  PG-13
Running Time:  104 mins.
Director:  Bruce Beresford
Studio(s):  Cinelou Films, Envision Media Arts, Shenghua Entertainment, Voltage Pictures, Cinelou Releasing, Warner Bros.

Cast:  Eddie Murphy (Henry Church), Britt Robertson (Charlotte), Natascha McElhone (Marie), Lucy Fry (Poppy), Thom Barry (Frankie Twiggs).

Story:  Eddie Murphy is back in his first live-action performance since 2012’s A Thousand Words with Mr. Church.  Rather than much of his past work, the film is not a comedy, but a drama concerning the titular Henry Church (Murphy), a talented cook with a love of jazz who is hired by a dying mother as help for her six year old daughter.  While the arrangement is set for six months, it develops into a 15-year journey of friendship and care.  Source:  The Film Stage; IMDB.



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