Release Date:  5/25/21; DVD
(Original Release – 2019)
Genre:   Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Karlton T. Clay
Studio(s):  Victory Productions, L.L.C., YouTube, Maverick Entertainment.
Running Time:  142 mins.
Cast:  Janika L. Ivey, Altina Menefee, Shatareia Stokes, Keisha Rose, Reishal Monique, Shantelle Wheeler, Sa Jules.

Story:  Jordyn Dixon returns home to the city of Augusta to reunite with loved ones, but she quickly finds out that things are not the same as she left them years ago. This story follows Jordyn and her circle of friends, who are each on different walks of life in their professions and relationships, but each of their stories and paths are intertwined as each woman must deal with situations in their individual lives that could disrupt their bonds with one another.  Source:  Maverick Entertainment.


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